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Thin Film Transistor display, is a very thin, high-quality flat panel screen capable of displaying millions of high-contrast, clear and bright color pixels.

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lcd module

Graphic LCM

Graphic Liquid Crystal Module, is a type of dot matrix display consists of LCD panel, driver IC, FPCB and backlight, capable of displaying characters and graphics.

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display module

Character LCM

Character liquid Crystal Moudle is a type of dot matrix display with character fonts embedded, capable of displaying characters and signs with default library.

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OLED module


OLED panel has Full viewing angle, Fast response, High contrast, Simple structure, Good performance under low-temperature advantages.

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TrueVision Technologies Ltd (TVT) is one of the pioneering technology-intensive service companies in the design and manufacturing of custom liquid crystal display and modules. It adds value by providing Electronic, Electrical and Mechanical expertise plus Project Management. Our custom LCD experts quickly translate your display concept into rock solid specification that assures you get the exact display you had in mind.

With our outstanding services with LCD, TFT and TOUCH products, we help our customers to best fit the correct display to the exact requirements.

Since founded, TVT has functioned as an effective bridge by providing prompt matching of potential and unique requirements of LCD for the end users worldwide.

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